About Us


Upping the look and life experience of lucky and gifted accessory savvy individuals in the USA & Canada, we urge you to "UP" your magnificent mojo (your game) and look so much more like you know you feel!

We're your supplier of stylish, classy, extensions of sophisticated character and individuality. We’re sensible; reliable; and we work endlessly to make you feel exceptionally good and right.

Your positive experience in our shops drives our business, so of course it's our utmost concern. It pushes us to demand exceptional product and organization excellence. That way we can ensure you receive the "So Fine" experience you so rightly deserve and desire. Our promise friends, is that you’ll probably love us!

It’s hard to deny how remarkably fine it can be to express yourself with a style and design that is all your own. You do you! Looking sharp in business and pleasure. Dapper, flirty, playful, and fun. You're all that. You're the one.

Express yourself today. Do it right now. "TIE ONE ON" with us at Knots Landing.